Chapter No.: 

Should it be possible for the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon whom) to be sent down into the world once again by Allah what would his reaction be on seeing the conduct and behaviour and the general design of life of the community that passes today by the name of Muslim? And what advice and command would he give to such of his followers who still posses in their hearts some solicitude for the faith and whose souls have not yet frozen to and got completely bereft of devotion and allegiance to Islam? Sarcastic Without the least hesitation I can say that he will extremely pained at the spectacle of utter moral and spiritual degeneration the bulk of Muslims present these days, as much as he was by the brutal treatment meted out to him by the people of Taif or by the savage assaults made by the callous Polytheists at Ohud. And his message to earnest concern for the Faith will be to dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to the task of improving and reforming the lamentable religious state of his Ummat and of breathing into it again the spirit of Faith and Islamic way of life.

So, if you find yourself in agreement with me and your heart concurs with what I have said above you must resolve, here and how, and in all sincerity, to make this endeavour a part of your life. For my part, I am absolutely confident that it is the choicest way to earn the pleasure of Allah and the blessings of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and to make his soul happy.

By the grace of Allah, efforts for the moral and religious revival of Muslims are being made on a fairly large scale in India and Pakistan and in several other countries also in the form of a movement called Tabligh. Wherever you may be living you can take part in these efforts, according to your means and circumstances, along with other earnest sons of Islam of your place and also do what you can individually in respect of it. This small book, which is now in your hands, is a part of this endeavour. It has been written specially to meet the needs of Muslim men and women who do not know much about Islam or who cannot avail themselves of more advanced books on it. They can read it themselves or have it read out to them by others and also communicate its contents to their brethren by reading the book publicly in mosques and at other Muslim congregations, and, do their bit towards their own religious correction and reform as well as that of others.

Though the book consists only of about two hundred pages the sum and substance of the Faith has been covered fully in it. Within its twenty lessons all those teachings of the Quran and the Traditions have been compressed by knowing which and by acting on which a common man can not only become a good Muslim but a perfect man of faith and a friend of the Lord also. Besides, it can be freely presented to non-Muslims who may be interested in knowing about Islam and its precepts.

The humble Author could only produce the book, which he has done. Now, to make it serve the purpose in a worthwhile manner, for which it has been written, depends solely on your choice and cooperation. Had his financial resources permitted, the Author would have got it printed in millions and sent a copy of it, free of cost, to every educated Muslim in India. The conditions now prevailing in India particularly cry out for it. But, from the beginning, it has been the Will of Allah that those who cherish such aspirations seldom have the means to realize them and, without a doubt, there lies great wisdom of the Lord in it also.

Be it as may, it is beyond the power of the present writer to fulfill his desire. But, if Muslims in whose hands the book may reach decide, in their eagerness to propitiate Allah and give happiness to the soul of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and to earn for themselves a bountiful reward in the Hereafter, to make it available, or its contents, to as many of their brethren as possible, the real aim of its writing and publication can be fulfilled a good deal.

As it has been indicated already, in the new context of things in India the religious future of Muslims rests apparently on the sole condition that every follower of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) here who is alive to the importance of the Faith and knows what it means makes it a personal duty to strive for the Islamic regeneration of the general body of Muslims and a missions of his life to carry the message of Faith and the teachings of Islam to each and every member of his community. Muhammad Manzoor Nomani Lucknow.