Chapter No.: 

What has been stated in the twenty lessons of this small volume will, Insha Allah, suffice for anyone for the attainment of Divine pleasure and paradise. It seems appropriate here to give a brief resume of the whole discussion before bringing the book to a close. The first principle of Islam and the most essential pre-requisite of deliverance and the attainment of paradise is that a man affirms his faith in the Kalima of. After that, he should try to acquire knowledge of the tenets of Islam as least as far as it is necessary to know them in order to be a good Muslim. His constant endeavour should be to observe the Islamic teachings faithfully and to carry out sincerely the Divine commandments regarding the Rights of Allah as well as the Rights of Man and good social and moral behaviour. When there may occur a lapse on his part in respect of these matters he should feel genuinely sorry over it and repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness. He should resolve honestly not to be guilty of the transgression again. If he has transgressed against a fellow being by violating his rights or doing him any other harm he should seek his pardon and make amends for his fault or misconduct or pay suitable compensation as the case may be.

In the same way, the effort of a Muslim should always be that the love of Allah and of His Apostle and His Faith should be stronger in his heart than that of anyone or anything else in the world. He should remain steadfast in faith and waver not in the least form the path of duty to Allah and the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) whatever the circumstances. He should also, as a matter of duty, take some part or another in the preaching and propagation of Islam it is a thing of outstanding virtue and merit and a most special legacy of the Prophets. In the present age, particularly, its value is much greater than that of all other supererogatory prayers and forms of worship and when a person devotes himself to it his devotion to Allah, the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and the Faith also develops and becomes stronger.

Among the supererogatory prayers, if possible, one should develop the habit of Tahajjud. Its auspiciousness is of the very highest.

One must always be on one's guard against sin, specially against the major sins, like adultery, stealing, falsehood, drink, and dishonestly in monetary affairs. It is advisable to do some Zikr every day. In case it may not be possible to spare more time for it one should recite at least Kalima-I-Tamjid Or only and Istighfar and Durood Sharif, a hundred times each, morning and evening.

Time should also be set aside for the daily reading of the Quran. It should be done with due religious respect and reverence. After every obligatory Salaah and at bedtime the Tasbeeh-I-Fatima may also be recited.

For those who aspire for more the advice is to seek guidance from a spiritual mentor who may be worthy of it. The last thing to be said in this connection is that the company of true, pious and exalted devotees of Allah and attachment and devotion to them is the very elixir of religious and spiritual existence. If this can fall to the lot of anyone all the rest will follow automatically.