Our Enemies They Are Not

When the scouts returned, reporting that Edward the Longshanks had hired Irish mercenaries in his attempt to defeat Scottish rebels fighting for their independence, Hamish, William Wallace’s right hand man asked in a puzzled way “Irish? What’re they duin’ faytin’ wit the English?” Stephen, the Irishman who had long before joined in the cause of Scottish liberation and knowing something about the Irish mindset replied confidently “Don’t worry about the Irish!” His prediction was right, for that day, as the Scottish and the Irish charged at each other, spears and swords drawn in what was expected to be a hideous battle of the oppressed fighting the oppressed, instead, halted their mad dash 100 feet short of clashing into one other, and after recognizing that they were all brothers thirsting for the same freedom and justice, thus began embracing each other on a battlefield which was planned by the English to have been the very place wherein they would have hacked each other to pieces.

Such were the events famously presented in Mel Gibson’s movie Braveheart. How much of this particular scene was historically accurate is not important here, but rather the point which was made, namely a moving-picture adaptation of an old saying which still reverberates in many Middle Eastern societies which is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” We in America would do well to consider this phrase for ourselves, for we are in a situation very similar to the above described scene in the movie, although most are unaware of it, in that we are like the Irish mercenaries in Braveheart who have been hired to slaughter a people for the benefit of someone else more powerful and more devious than we imagine.

We are told and have been on a daily basis since September 11 that the peoples of the Middle East are our enemies, that they are terrorists with no regard for human life, and that they hate us for our freedom and for our Christian values. The fact that this fiction has gained such wide acceptance by the American public is puzzling, given the fact that in recent years a good portion of the population had developed a healthy sense of skepticism with regards to a government and media which they knew couldn’t be trusted. Adding to this puzzling situation is the fact that these same skeptics came to understandwith equal clarity that the real threat posed to America came not from without, but rather from within.

The truth is that we in America are now subjected to a propaganda extravaganza that is rivaled in its intensity by only a few events which have infamously occurred throughout human history, from Rome’s obsessionist desire for the destruction of Carthage to Adolph Hitler’s attempted destruction of his own enemies, and in points which parallel the above mentioned cases, the new Rome, America, has embarked upon a program of wiping out not just a country, (as in the case of Carthage) but an entire civilization and culture, as was attempted by Hitler.

There are, of course, those who will cheer such a program in much the same way that they cheer during a pro-wrestling match. It seems to escape their consideration that the entire affair may be just a charade created for their amusement and distraction, as well as for the obvious intention of separating them from their money while simultaneously separating them from their ability to reason. Such is the reality of every culture, from the mob who came to Rome to watch the daily fights between the gladiators to those individuals who today have reduced themselves into a frothing, maniacal group of “patriotic” spectators who have come to enjoy the bestial aspects of blood sport, whether it is in the ring or on the battlefield.

But despite what our government/media complex tells us, the enemy of America is not to be found in the caves of Afghanistan or in the sands of Iraq. We do not need to fear that any true harm will come to us by such a group of people thousands of miles away. As President Abraham Lincoln once noted, America as a nation was impregnable to invasion and defeat by an outside foe, and were she ever to fall it would be due to the destruction caused to her from within. No, rather the real enemy is to be found right here, in those individuals who wield power and influence and who work tirelessly against us in the executive offices and meeting rooms located in New York and Washington DC. Our enemy doesn’t speak with a funny accent or wear funny clothes, but rather the expensive suits worn by gangsters who disguise themselves as media executives and as politicians. But there is one thing the media/government complex did accurately portray, which is the fact that our enemy hates us for our Christian values, and that he has no regard for human life.

For who is our real enemy? Someone who flies planes into buildings? Someone who poisons our mail system with tainted letters? Assuming that these crimes were committed by Middle Easterners (all evidence to the contrary not withstanding) they fall way short of the crimes that are committed against us not every two or three years, but rather every minute of everyday. Do these “terrorists” from the Middle East rob us of half our livelihood, or steal our property and liberty if we don’t give it over to them willingly? Do they come into our homes in the middle of the night, dressed in black, sticking guns in the faces of our wives and children while they haul us away for speaking out against them? Do they take our children from us when we refuse to enroll them in a public school system which is not only dangerous to them physically but morally as well?

And while we should remember with agony the day on which all our countrymen died in the inferno that engulfed the Twin Towers, in similar fashion we should remember all our countrymen who have perished in similar circumstances deliberately brought about by the same government which now seeks to demonize those in the Middle East, circumstances no less terroristic in their methods or approach as those highlighted for us on the news everyday. Lest we forget, it was our own home-grown terrorists who one day in North Idaho shot a 10 year old boy in the back, and then blew the head off of that boy’s mother as she stood in her doorway holding a nine month old baby.

A year or so later, these same men burned and gassed to death almost 100 men, women, and children in Texas, and in reward for both of these atrocities, received medals of honor for their bravery. No one went to jail for these acts of terror committed against Americans on their own soil. And, in the interest of keeping things in even better perspective, we should remember that the terrorists of the Middle East who are credited with exterminating 3,000 Americans on September 11 accomplished the same kind of mass murder which is done everyday in this country through the butchery of infanticide, also a gift from a government whom we pay to protect us.

The truth of the matter is, it can arguably be said that we do not have a good handle on who the real terrorists are.

When we speak of “we” and “us” here, we should be more precise in our language of just about whom we are speaking. As is to be expected, there are and forever will be those individuals in our society who are just along for the ride and do not care, individuals who will inaccurately gauge America’s greatness with the amount of wealth and comfort they possess. Rather, I am referring to those other individuals who recognize that America’s greatness can only exist while virtue is maintained, and that the real danger which threatens our existence is to be found in the destruction of our morals and decency, which, if destroyed, will inevitably bring about the loss of all order, and by default, the loss of all liberty.

Although often ridiculed by the “free-thinkers” and secularists among us, this abandonment of the laws which govern moral behavior nevertheless poses as serious a threat to our existence as does any deadly virus which has penetrated the body’s defenses. It works its destruction slowly but surely, and oftentimes leaves the body in such a state which is impossible to repair. We need look no further for proof of this than in history, in that the destruction of some of the world’s greatest civilizations has come about as a result of implementation of the exact same processes.

Over the last decade, there was reason for optimism in this nation due to the fact that a great movement of public opinion had taken place in coming to terms with America’s descent into moral oblivion, mainly due to the fact that the rising tide of decadence became so comfortable in its exposure to the light of day. And in the spirit of that public awareness to this problem, there were those who, after becoming understandably alarmed by the approaching storm, took up arms against the leviathan that is the media/government complex and began to see the perfectly logical association between a society’s loss of moral values and its loss of liberty. During the 90’s, when the horrors of Partial-Birth Abortion were made known to all, and the explosion of hard-core pornography on the internet and soft core pornography on primetime tv signaled that the head of the Beast had proudly reared itself up for all to see, many Americans began to focus on the sinking ship known as American morality and sought ways to either plug up the holes or evacuate.

But all of that seemed to have changed on September 11.

Now, the clarity with which concerned Americans recognized the danger posed to their nation and to their way of life by a degenerate set of social values (values which have never and will never remain dormant) suddenly became cloudy in the aftermath of that day. In one horrible and fantastic instant, the enemy changed from someone domestic to someone foreign, to a group of people who live in far away caves and who wear funny clothes and speak with a foreign accent and who hate us for our freedom and our values. What these concerned Americans did not and do not realize even now was that on that day a great bait & switch tactic had taken place right before their eyes, one which was done so quickly and cleverly as to escape their notice.

No, America. The Middle East is not where our enemies lie. At least, it wasn’t. It was where our friends were, for in becoming the enemy of our enemy, they became our friends.

When we come to the realization that our real enemies are those individuals who are responsible for the destruction of all the laws governing the morals of our society, laws which are necessary for any society of people that considers itself to be civil, we then can better appreciate why there is so much mistrust and animosity towards America in that region of the world. After all, in our analysis of the source of anti-Americanism in that region, we must note that these countries which are deemed to be our enemies have not yet enshrined the likes of Pamela Anderson, Brittany Spears, or Christine Aguilera into the halls of sainthood as have we here in the West.

To their own credit, theirs is a society which does not allow their unborn citizens to be murdered in the millions per year, nor does it allow their women to be abused and exploited by the pornography industry which enslaves not only those being filmed, but as well those who are its purveyors. When we consider the fact that they do not allow the status of the nuclear family to be denigrated by the inclusion and acceptance of institutionalized sodomy or same-sex marriage, as well as the refusal to have their children scandalized by the pornographic education that children here in America receive, suddenly this mystery of Middle East antagonism for the West becomes less and less of a riddle. In all the charges which are leveled against these people, it is forgotten that they have been champions in opposing these things in their societies, as well as rejecting the wholesale assault on religion that we have come to accept and tolerate here in the West. There are no art exhibits to be found among the “enemies of Christianity” in the Middle East which depict a crucifix being immersed into a jar of urine, nor films depicting Christ as a homosexual whose mother works in an abortion clinic. They do not have public parades wherein men and women march in the nude down through the center of the city and perform sexual acts for all to see under the sanction of a government which is supposed to enforce existing laws concerning decency. Their courts do not take extra-legal measures in striking down laws which prohibit the same cancers which have grabbed the West by the throat from entering their societies, measures that are constantly justified by their perpetrators here in the West with complicated legal theories which in essence do not exist. And in our weighing of these facts, we should, rather than hold the peoples of the Middle East in suspicion and derision, instead look upon them with with admiration and respect for having refused to allow these practices into their communities.

In our acknowledgment of all those who would scoff at the arguments listed here as to why the societies in the Middle East should be viewed in such favorable terms, it should as well be noted and remembered that scoffing individuals such as these do not view America’s slide into moral oblivion to be anything noteworthy or worrisome. In fact, more often than not, they openly embrace such decadence and haughtiness against the laws of nature and of nature’s God, and in this light, their thoughts should not be weighed with any undue consideration.

The reality of the matter is that we here in the West are members of a dying civilization, despite all of the assurances to the contrary which we are given by pundits who refuse to acknowledge thin unavoidable truth. Our death is a degenerative condition which is the result of our willingness to engage in suicidal tendencies, and which will not be cured by any measure of technology, industry, or craftiness that we may possess. The social ills that at one time were but small sores which erupted every great while have now consumed the body, so weakened have its defenses become, and those individuals responsible for this death and decay are now attempting in like manner to infect other societies not yet sickened as such. For this reason, they (all the while disguising their designs in the language of noble ideas such as freedom and prosperity) are striving for the annihilation of a culture which has resisted such attacks on their morals, a culture which has openly refused to sink into the abyss of moral oblivion that afflicts us here in the West, a culture that in many ways has surpassed the West in its quality, despite Rush Limbaugh’s assertion that they are a backwards people for having never developed a car of their own.

To what other conclusion are we supposed to arrive besides this? For those of us who understand the concept that America’s loss of morals and decency ranks at the top of the list of dangers which threatens her existence, how then can we not say that in comparison to the culture of those living in the Middle East that theirs is not the superior? They have stable families. They have stable social order. They do not murder their children at the rate of millions per year. They do not have divorce rates over 50%. Theirs is not a society flooded with pornography and all the ills that inevitably tag along for the ride. For those who blindly allow themselves to be swelled up with pride over America’s greatness, (a greatness which in reality is shallow and perceived to be so by mere illusion) they should recognize that indeed the spirit of the American Revolution is alive and well, but not here in the West where it began. Rather, it is to be found in the Middle East, whose peoples would not shrink away from their duty in rising up and overthrowing any government which attempted to impose such outrages upon them. And as for those who call themselves Christians, individuals who will maintain that these tendencies which are rooted in the healthy and justifiable interest of self-preservation are only superficial qualities, given the fact that the religion of Islam is the predominant faith in those regions, we would have to respond with one big “so what?” Results are what matter, or to borrow a phrase from that very same Book which they use to denigrate such peoples, “a good tree produces good fruit.” With this in mind, these individuals must be intellectually honest enough to admit that having produced good fruit indicates that the societies of the Middle East must therefore be good trees.

When we come to understand wherein lies the real battle for the survival of our nation and our way of life, we will then understand how to read between the lines of the propaganda that we are fed everyday. The architects of our enslavement and destruction are desperate in their desire to prevent at all costs any friendship from developing between those of us here in the West who recognize where our real danger lies and those in the Middle East who are fellow travelers, and as such we will be told incessantly, as we have, that these people are our enemies.

But our enemies they are not. With regards to America’s real enemies, namely those parasites within our society who have seduced America and the West into accepting the slow-dash death of national and cultural suicide, those in the Middle East are the best friends we could ask for, and we would do well to learn from what they know and apply it to our own situation. After all, they must know something, given the fact that theirs is a culture which has remained intact for thousands of years.

And in like manner, as the Scots and the Irish prepared to slaughter each other under the gaze of those directors who stood comfortably away from all danger on a far away hilltop, watching and waiting for the events to take place which they put in motion for the furtherance of their own greedy and lustful desires, we should take pause as did the warriors that day at the battle of Falkirk and recognize in like fashion that those people living in the land where Western Civilization began are fighting for the same things as are we, namely the right to live and to live in decency, and in consideration of this fact, we should come to terms with the reality that our enemies they are not, but rather brothers and sisters who deserve our friendship and our alliance, an alliance which, if some of the prophecies prove to be correct, may actually turn the tide for mankind’s existence.