From a Sisters Desk - No legislations for us please

In the present day world booming with materialism, the law enforcing agencies were compelled to come out with a bill (likely to become a law) on the maintenance of the welfare of parents by their children. The law had become a necessity in view of the fact that there was a considerable increase in the number of senior citizens who were facing constant torture at the hands of their near and dear ones especially their children. Once the bill comes into effect, the employees of central and state govt. services will be duty bound to look after their ageing parents, failing which they are liable to be punished which in extreme cases might mean loss of employment or imprisonment for those defying the law. The bill has been largely hailed by all the sections of the society but many voices have risen against the bill calling it ‘irrational' and ‘ill concerned' people are calling for increased involvement of Government in the rehabilitative programmes for senior citizens and also for separate shelter homes for them so that senior citizens who are ill treated by their children live with dignity and respect in these shelter homes.
Argument side aside, it is sad that a bill had to be passed for the protection and maintenance of the rights of the parents. In a land called India where parents were treated as demigods and children would take it as an honour to bow before them a law was needed to secure the just rights of parents, service to parents in this land came naturally and no law was forcing children to be obedient to their parents. The geography of cities and towns in India, the chemistry of its societies and the psychology of ‘modern Indians' has changed with liberalisation and onslaught of a technological boom, resulting in blunting of many natural human instincts. The one in consideration here being (i.e.) the service to parents.
A modern man has become ‘conscious' of his attitude towards parents and in order to ensure that this service is mandatorily delivered the need for legislation was seen as the only solution.
Allhamdulillah, we are Muslims, Islam has withstood the test of the times and guarantees a respectful life for any parent more so for an ageing one. Today a bill had to be passed to ensure the security of the rights of senior citizens and tomorrow it will become a law, but how about a law that was sent to humanity more that 1400 years ago. Reasons aside, logic aside, arguments aside-parents are parents, their rights are second only to the rights of Allah. Unbending, non compromising and forceful words of Allah guarantee the security of parents irrespective of their age, sex, social status or their religion. Humility in speech, humbleness in behaviour, sincerity in actions, totality in service, all this without an ‘uf'; a boastful grin or a dirty scorn is what is desired of a Muslim as regards has attitude towards his parents submit yourself to Allah and be kind to your parents Jannat is assured for you. Religion is incomplete without a selfless service to parents.
To all those who believe that Islam is orthodox and outdated, a law dictated by Allah for all times is the only law that guarantees safety and security of a beautiful relationship between parents and their children. Islam requires children to give to their parents all what is due to them for they on their own have struggled to give the best to their children can any body deny this? What a beautiful concept to uphold in this chokingly indifferent world. All we need is a relook and not a new thought a new legislation or a new law for us. Islam is sufficient!