Editorial - Islamic World Under Mental Siege

S.M. Rabey Hasani Nadwi
The Islamic world since about a century has been a victim of conspiracy hatched by Jewish and Western powers. Despite being rid of military dominance of the western despotism as an outcome of freedom struggle, political and cultural dominance persists. An astutely and Jewish powers, aimed at captivating the Muslim mind, aligning it to their own philosophy, is perpetually on. There forces are united in the endeavour towards undermining the hold of Islamic philosophy. The scheme is implemented through appropriately designed system of education and media, specifically aimed at alienating the vulnerable nascent minds from their lofty wholesome values.
The illustrated electronic media (television) has been a most incisive tool, what with its round the clock presentation, over-whelming carnal contents, accentuated specially during leisure hours. The blatantly immodest contents, depicting explicit liaison between male and female with all its nuances are largely viewed without reserve by the children and parents together. The depictions has a direct titilatory effect on the base instincts. Co-education, side by side, unavoidably provides moment of isolated together­ness for girls and boys, enticing them to uninhibited enactment of what they see on the screen. Situation is further aggravated by vivid depiction of acts of arson, burglary, murder, of offering and receiving illegal gratification and similar economic offences in all detail. Overall, the influence is far reaching and impressionable minds are plunged into an abyss of depravity, completely oblivious of moral values.
Such depletion of moral values was already, ingrained and evident in the life­style of the West. Position in the East is no longer much different, the culture being thoroughly impregnated with similar trends in beliefs and actions, culminating into an obnoxious, stinking cult.
This, in reality is an outcome of a conspiracy hatched by the Jewish community who, through a meticulous protocol gained ascendancy over the Christian world, the two subsequently aligning themselves to influence the eastern nations. Following the declines and dismemberment of Soviet power, focus has been directly of the plan coined termi­nologies aimed at denigrating Islamic philosophy and way of life. One who would lead a life in accordance with Islamic tenets, is branded a "fundamentalist" and made the target of ridinegative aspect of the term, implying a retrograde mentality and obstinacy. Those that are sincere to their religion are only ridiculed but upon expressing resentment, are categorised as "hard-liners", militants and often put behind bars. Torture and novel means of brain-washing are resorted to till such time as they may overtly or covertly relinquish the belief originally sacrosanct to them. The oppressors are lead to believe that the faith and religious ideas have been expunged from the minds of the victims, who are largely Muslim youth.
If and when, at last these young folks are let out, their woes being known to their other compatriots, an intense hatred towards the oppressors takes away, consequences are confrontations, accidents and violent skirmishes. An objective assessment and deep probe is needed by the authorities to ascertain the real cause of such state of affairs. To discerning eye the reasons are too obvious, yet the Western powers are adamant in their intentional refusal to admit reality, and persist tactly in labelling the phenomenon as "religious militancy". Till such time as the truth is accepted, the present coercive aggression would prove futile.
In the so-called developed world, Jews and Christians are at liberty to pursue their respective faiths and lead a life to their prescribed traditions. In contrast the attitude of the West towards Muslims of the East and Arab nations, is manifestly offensive. For instance Christian and Jewish womenfolk have the choice of dressing as they wish. If a Muslim women dresses in the fashion of the country no fingers are raised. However if seen attired in accordance to norms prescribed in Islam, even if dons just a scarf is marked as a militant violating the country's constitution and liable to be ostracised.
The Jews, spread over several countries besides Israel, form an influential and effective part of cultural and legislative mechanism of the media. Yet they face no objection from the West despite sticking to their own faith and time-honoured traditions. This in the face of irrefutable historical evidence of the Israelite rule being founded on religious and racial intolerance, usurping the territory, subjugating and largely extraditing the original inhabitants by main force. Far from labelling the Jews as fundamentalists or militants, the Europeans nations extend them full co-operation in all spheres.
Muslims the world over all the target of an offensive launched in unison by almost all powers. The simple reason is that they are the torch bearers of righteousness and invite the humanity towards a culture which enshrines wholesome values. Their clarion call is construed by the West as a hindrance to their goal of promulgating a libertine cult, According to western powers the term "militancy" is applicable to such acts for which the blame can be slapped on to a Muslim. Total annihilation of Muslims is seen as the only effective resources towards, ushering in an era with a life-style devoid of any code of conduct and in which licentiousness and lasciviousness would rule the roost. This is lexicons for the developed self-style enlightened powers, is tantamount to secularism. More so, luring the Muslims off their beliefs and healthy of life is interpreted as real secularism. Such lop-sided concept of secularism is manifest in France, Turkey and several other countries.
Acts committed with this notion in mind, under the auspices of Western powers, are projected as democracy and equality among humans. So potent is the propaganda that world is ensconced, deceptively, under the impression that never in time was provided such justice as in modem rule and cult. How long the delusion lasts in anybody's guess.