From a Sisters Desk - American Lies

Bill Clinton was considered a sinful US president. He helped America retain its supremacy in a disgustingly unipolar world. American outsmarted everyone under his premiership to retain its hold on the world. Towards his exit he faced an infamous sex scandal in which he lied to American public, to American congress and the world. Nothing great happened, for it was an American president telling lies and not an ordinary human anywhere else.
Well! That was an old story, nowadays his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton is fighting to be the presidential nominee against her rival Barrack Obama. It was interesting to learn through newspapers about Hillary's great commitment to the cause for which her husband stood-i.e., telling lies. To woo the voters Hillary is making great stories. She calls herself as a woman with a mission like that of Edmund Hillary who conquered mount everest and claims she was named ‘Hillary' after him. Though yes, she was born five years before he achieved this feat. She also claims that she visited Bosnia in extremely volatile conditions and actually faced sniper fire there which later on was publicly denied by her on the pretext of having misspoken. Lies, lies and shameless lies that is the stuff American presidents are made of. Hillary is being nicknamed as a 'congenital liar' but has no regrets as she believes she has the stuff to be the next president of United States.
Truth, goodness and honesty are obviously not the virtues American public seem to be looking for, in their next choice of a president. They are bothered as to how they can hold the world hostage under their mean ideas and evil actions. Americans love to overlook the miseries their country has caused to millions of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They love freedom for themselves and inflict pain to thousands of caged innocents in Abugharib, Guantanamo bay and Afghanistan. Invasion of Iraq was based on a lie, they keep on telling lies in Egypt and Israel just to suit their imperialistic designs. No wonder their election comapaigns are the training grounds for their ‘leaders' to tread head bigger ‘lies' which lie ahead.
Ever wondered what Muslims would have faced if they had behaved the way great leaders of this great nation have behaved? Americans! now is the time to fight against the ‘liars' who have made this world a miserable place to live in. Do it now and get the goings right otherwise the rule of the Lord will take its course-liars will perish and the nation will be doomed, you may lie it or not to Him is does not matter!.