From a Sisters Desk - Plunder of nature—Silence is not the answer

The silence of Ulema regarding the present day scenario where globan warming, tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, deforestation and plunder of natural resources by humans has reached a zenith is really surprising. From the silence that Muslim have assumed over these issues, an impression is made that Islam is silent over these issues and for Muslims thus these are non issues.
Is it so, or it is our own preoccupation with our confined selves and our own shells that prevents us from speaking out our concerns regarding the destruction of the environment surrounding us.
Do we need guidelines from the west who are mercilessly plundering the natural resources which belong to us all? Or should we wait for natural calamities to happen before we strike back?
This world with its natural resources is a gift to us from Allah, we are the vicegerents of Allah on this planet and responsible for its upkeep, preservation and protection. Our silence over the degradation and destruction of nature is a sign incompetence and incapability. The bounties of nature by which Allah swears in Qur'an imply that He holds them dear. The bounties which He made with care, caution and wisdom, shouldn't their plunder bother us?
The earth on which the Prophets walked, the air that the Ulema breathed, the food and grains with which our greatmen fed themselves, the mountains and valleys where they sought shelter, the animals they grazed rode and ate, the pure waters which they drank and treaded-all this and much more is succumbing to the pressure of selfish humans. Why don't we react.
As if this plunder is not enough, human, animals and plant reproduction is under threat. Clones, stem cells, genetically engineered animals and impossible cross breeds have threatened are lineages-be it human, animal or plant. Should we call it savagery, barberry or a sheer sport? In today's world where a dog has more rights than human, how are we silent over human cloning and animal experimentation. It might seem like an obsolete viewpoint but I am sure the world is waking up from a slumber induced by the unwise use of science.
The glaciers are melting, the cyclones are circling, the animals are dying, the plants are no more, the oceans are drying and we have an entire human race at the risk of being wiped out. Unlimited desires and unplanned designs are threatening us. Though the west is growing green and eco-friendly our plunder continues. By the way our silence is not our asset but our weakness. Of course, in bulk we constitute one third of the worlds population so their world is bound to be effective provided we speak out.