No Mitigation for Sexual Perversion

The avalanche of spiritually debilitating influences of the western culture of libertinism and immorality has brought about a perverted change in Muslim thinking. What has hitherto been abhorrent in terms of Allah's Law and the Culture of Islam, seems to be gaining acceptability in certain Muslim quarters. Men who have succeeded in projecting themselves through Deeni institutions as scholars and muftis, and having carved for themselves a niche in the community of Muslims, are by degrees and stealth undermining the Foundations of Islam.

When the votaries of sexual perversion are accorded a platform to promote their ‘honour' and to gain a receptive response from Muslims, then we know that Qiyaamah cannot be far off. Not so long ago, a radio station advertising itself as Islamic, deemed it ‘Islamic' and appropriate to offer sodomists a platform to air their views in mitigation of the abhorrence which Islam advocates for their repulsive acts of immorality. Islam ostracizes and condemns these followers of shaitaan in unmistaken terms. The crime of ‘gays' is worse than even murder. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had ordered the expulsion from Madinah of these types of persons who indulge in sexual perversion. They were not allowed to even live within the city precincts. Yet, so-called scholars of Islam in this day believe that to accord the perverts ‘freedom of expression' so as to make presentable their mal'oon cult with its vile abominations is in keeping with the new code of enlightment which has to be subscribed to in order to obtain a licence to operate the appendages of shaitaan which they call ‘Islamic' radios and channels.
These satanic channels and stations have taken it upon themselves to support the cult of sexual perversion-the sins which brought about the destruction of the sodomists of the cities of Sodom and Gomorreah to whom Hadhrat Nabi Loot (alayhis salaam) was sent as the Nabi. The perverted communities of these cities were utterly destroyed with an Athaab of fire and stone which descended from the heavens. In a night of terrible chastisement, they all lay destroyed upside down for their immoral ‘upside down' crimes.

As long as man has his sanity intact, there are no mitigating factors to either reduce the abominability of his evil misdeeds nor any justification for perpetration. While Allah Ta'ala has instilled the evil nafs in man, He has endowed man with a noble Aql (intelligence) and sufficient moral fibre and willpower to neatrilize the plots of the nafs and shaitaan. Allah Ta'ala has not imposed on man a task beyond his capability. Every evil tendency and natural inclination which come into conflict with the Divine Law have to be curbed and subdued.
Man is required to make his nafs subservient to the Shariah. He has to compulsorily use his intelligence to restrain his nafs which has been created as a slave of the Aql. But, when man makes his Aql subservient to his nafs, he inverts the natural process which has been divinely established.

There is absolutely no validity in the argument that these miserable ‘gays' simply obey their natural instincts and desires. Islam demands that natural instincts, desires and emotions be submitted to the intelligence which will scrutinize these emotional promptings in the light of Allah's Laws. Should the intelligence find that the natural inclination or desire is in conflict with the Shariah, the ruling will be to subdue the nafs and deny its demands. A normal male inclines to females. His emotional desire is to commit fornication, but since he is a sane Muslim he understands that he has to restrain his nafs and refrain from the evil deed. His natural instinct to commit fornication is not a mitigating factor. Fornication cannot be justified on the basis of the argument that the male naturally inclines to commit the deed. In exactly the same way, the sane ‘gay' if he happens to be a Muslim, is required to restrain his nafs with his Aql and to deny its vile demands of sexual perversion. The argument of natural instinct is baseless. Man is not a lowly beast which is excused for acting according to the demands of its natural instincts. The beast is not required to examine its natural instincts in the light of any law.

The arguments presented by the unbridled votaries of libertinism and self-expression are rejected by Islam. While the cults and cultures of the kuffaar-of certain kuffaar mainly those of the west-advocate self-expression, Islam or ders its adherents to practice self-denial. Unbridled self-expression providing total freedom for the natural instincts is the attribute of the beasts of the jungle. When man emulates such beasts, he becomes one of them. In fact, almost the entire western world has adopted the mannerism of the wild beasts. The massive surge in the crime rate and the commission of the most horrendous sins and crimes which puts the beasts to shame, should be abundant evidence for the sub-animal level to which man has degenerated.

In a truly Islamic state-Daarul Islam-sodomists are executed. They are not tolerated and given a platform to advertise and adorn their filth and perverted acts of immorality.
Source: "The Majlis" Vol 15 No 07