Insolent Vocabulary

 Undeterred by bashing from the modernists, the righteous scholars of Islam continue to bid fair and forbid unfair, explicitly.

 To describe a righteous scholar of Islam as an object of ridicule by the modernists, a derogatory vocab is being used off and on flagrantly. Such modernists who are allergic to the righteous scholars of Islam because of their (Ulamaa) refusal to justify every evil concept and filthiest of action which comes to the forefront under the cloak of modernity; mock them by using derogative titles while mentioning Ulamaa-e-deen in their rhetoric. It is pertinent to mention here that neither Islam nor its true scholars have objected to any modern advancement just because of being new and/or modern. Rather they have encouraged modernity for rightful purposes and within prescribed limits. Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Saheb writes in his write-up ‘Islam and Modernity' that "Modernity" is a double-edged sword which can be used both for the benefit of mankind as well as to cut its throat. There are some issues that are not at all essential for any kind of progress. West has associated them to industrial revolution for no reason , and now realizing the error, is sighing with grief. Obscenity and nudity, free intermixing of men and women, profligacy and immodesty, co-education, music and dance, usury, and birth control are things that have nothing to do with the material and industrial progress. Time and experience have proved these curses of the west as an obstacle rather than assistance towards progress. This is the evil from which the Islamic world has to save itself very diligently".
"The group of people who consider these curses of western civilization as demands of time, and means of progress call themselves - "Modernists", but it is strange that in the field of thoughts and deeds, they are preaching the same outdated western ideologies which have not given anything but burn scars all over the body," Mufti Taqi sahib asserts.
Idiocies of the modernists
The pious Islamic scholars and the true Muslims do not legalise evils that have prevailed in the society under the guise of modernity; leave aside giving the religious sanction to the western ideology. On the one hand, whenever a religious subject comes under discussion in high level social gatherings or in media, the modernists and the secular minded leaders accuse Ulamaa of being a biggest obstacle in the way of ‘progress' and hence not required to be paid any heed to what they say, and, on the other hand the coterie of modernists eagerly look for the western ideologies. Whatever they (modernists) receive from them as ‘permissible', they spend all their energy idiotically to prove it in conformity with Islam, with no concern to what damage they are causing to the Islamic Shariah.

Foul utterances
The insolent-cum-satirical words which modernists, secular minded leaders and so-called enlightened ones use to express their malice and enmity against the righteous scholars of Islam and pious Muslims is as follows:
Conservative, Fundamentalist, narrow-minded, parochial, Wowser, Radical, Diehard, Stereotype, Half-Baked, Puritan, Antediluvian, Fogey, Obscurantist, Hidebound, Primitive, Straitjacket, Orthodox, Traditionalist, Bearded, Granny and black ghost for such a Muslim woman who is donning Burqah or Hijaab, People of the cave for those Ulamaa who are running Madrasah, Mulla and Molvi. However, when Molvi is suffixed by Saheb, then calling an Aalim a Molvi Saheb is not considered a nickname provided it is not uttered in a satirical tone. And in theological terminology, Mulla - means a great scholar of Islam as was Hazrat Mulla Ali Qaari (Rahmatullah Alaihi): a great Hadith scholar and a renowned theologian of the Islamic world.

Essential Services of Ulamaa-e-Khair
The righteous scholars of Islam remain busy teaching the words of Allah and that of his Rasool (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam); spiritually training themselves and others; spending their lives in teaching the Holy Qur'an, Hadith, Fiqh, Ijtihaad; studying and deducting various injunctions for the problems arising day in and day out; defending Islam against distortions. Also, they spent several years of their lives in the company of their elders and mentors to acquire proficiency in mystic teachings; live on meager resources and devote themselves to acquire knowledge against all odds. The esteemed Ulamaa are shaping their lives in the mould of religion. There are also times that make it compulsory for them to approach the ruling class and the wealthy for the sake of fulfilling some religious need, for the welfare of all Muslims or with the purpose of rectifying any wrong, but not for their own selfish ends.

Bad Ending
The act of insulting and using derogatory titles against those saintly scholars of Islam and true Muslims who are true followers of the Sunnah and destroyers of Bid'ah (innovations), especially those Ulamaa who are possessors of the Beneficial Knowledge of Islam, performers of righteous deeds, and bearers of the Knowledge of Allah, is indeed a grave and dangerous act which inevitably leads to self destruction and severe loss. Grave warning has been given in this regard. It is indeed a dangerous practice. It is a sign of the perpetrator's heart being turned away from Allah, and filled with disease. There is a real danger of such a person coming to a bad ending.

Declaration of War
It should be borne in mind that vilifying and disparaging the righteous scholars of Islam is not a trivial matter but very grave in the sight of Allah
Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is also reported to have said that Allah says: "I declare war on one who causes any hurt to any of My saintly friends." (Reported by Hazrat Abu Hurayrah (raziyallahu Anhu) and quoted in Bukhaari Shareef).
In other Hadith Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is reported to have said that Jibraeel (Alaihis Salaam) had reported that Allah says: "Whosoever insult or slanders any of My saints has come forth in battle against Me. I am so angered at attacks on them that I am like an enraged lion against them (looking for revenge)." (Quoted in Durr-Manthoor).
Khateeb Baghdaadi quotes Imam Shaafi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) and Imam Abu Haneefah (Rahmatullah Alaihi) as saying: " If the Ulamaa of Islamic law are not deemed the saintly friends of Allah Ta'aala, then no one is."
What a dangerous affair to mock the saintly scholars of Islam! Who can ever be successful in this world while engaging Allah in combat? Where will a person facing Allah in battle, find refuge? These people are even in danger of coming to an evil end outside Eimaan.

Authority over rejection
In his famous book, "Islamic Politics", Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (Rahmatullah Alaihi) writes: It is true that others have the right of rejecting the findings of an Aalim. His word can be rebutted if the proof is produced from the Shariat - the Quranic or Hadith texts, itself; and only on the condition that the rejecter has the capability of putting up a proper argument on the basis of these texts. In pointing out mistakes and rejecting findings, the Shariat has laid down specific regulations, rules and grades. Until the time one is acquainted with these, he has no right of rebutting or rejecting what the Ulamaa say.

Fayyaz Ahmad Zarroo is
Chairman: Islamic Dawah Centre (IDC)