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The institute established in 1989 wholly and solely on the basis of Tawakkul (Trust) on Almighty Allah, has expanded into one of the most reputed institutes in the valley, imparting Islamic Education in ideal Islamic Environs to the students from primary up to the level of Aalimiyat. The Institute is totally a non-profitable and non-political organization recognised by The Chief Education Officer, Srinagar, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir, vide order no. 67-CEO/S/2005 dated 30th April 2005.
The Institute of Islamic Research related to Darull Uloom llahiyah is a unique Institute with a superb blend of classic and modem education.
The institute has its own newly constructed building spread over more than two kanals of land housing the classrooms, library, computer lab, hostel for teachers and students, mess and a mosque complex. The Institute has also a playground and a seminar hall.
The institute over a short span of time has produced many Huffaz and Aalims in addition to a good number of part-time students fully equipped with Islamic Knowledge who are spreading the Word of Almighty Allah in their respective fields with sincere passion. Most of the Huffaz are now carrying on with their further studies in the same institute.
The most unique feature of the institute is its varied programmes for the moral reformation of its students and people in general through both traditional as well as modern methods. The institute is actively involved in this cause which is the basic requirement in Islam. Majaalis (Meetings) are held off and on where moral weaknesses are discussed and their Islamic remedies are suggested. Reformative books, cassettes and CDs are also used for the purpose.
The institute has full time teachers who teach various Islamic subjects like Arabic, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Quranic studies, Hadith studies, Islamic History and modem subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Science and modern languages. The students are given due intervals during which they refresh themselves through playing and other recreational means.
The institute has a strong three-tier management, headed by the chairman of the Institute. In the second tier are the managers who keep round-the-clock watch to take care of all the requirements and keep vigil on all the activities of the institute. In the third tier come the manual labourers and catering managers who are always busy making things convenient for the management.


The institute carries out multipurpose activities with a firm conviction and belief in Islamic Renaissance. These activities are coordinated by the institute which acts as a central pivot.


One of the pioneering works of the institute is the Dawah work carried out through Dawah literature and the personal meetings. Books and pamphlets are published and distributed among the target groups. Introductory books on Islam are distributed, most of the time free of cost to spread the word of Almighty Allah. Personal meetings are also held whenever required to familiarise non-Muslims with Islamic teachings.
A full-fledged Islamic Dawah programme is also being caried out to cater to the Dawah needs. Muslims as well as non-Muslims are frequently addressed and answers to their spiritual needs are provided with satisfaction. Regular seminars on various topics are also arranged which have become quite popular in the valley.


The institute is currently running two full-fledged high schools, one for boys and another for girls duly recognized by the concerned authorities.
Both the schools have well qualified teachers serving the cause of education with dedication. These schools always maintain ideal Islamic environs within the campus and inculcate the same spirit amongst the students as well.


The institute has one of the richest Islamic libraries in the whole state of Jammu & Kashmir with separate Arabic, Urdu and English sections. Apart from course books, the readers have an easy access to basic classic and reference books on Islam in all the above mentioned languages. Besides, the library has a good collection of books for students and children.

Computer lab

The institute has struck a positive note in the history of educational institutes by introducing computer education as compulsory subject. The students of the institute are imparted computer education by competent teachers. The lab has also rich collections of Islamic CDs and other software. The lab is also connected to the internet round the clock for all kinds of useful and necessary needs.

Publications Division

The institute has its own publications division which is currently publishing two standard monthly journals viz., "Radiant Reality" in English and Fikr-e-Imroz in Urdu. In addition to that, the division has publication of several standard books on Islam and Islamic Studies to its credit. This is in addition to several course books published by the institute which are meant for the children receiving education in several educational institutes of the valley.


An Alim of the institute is always available on phone line to attend to the queries and questions of the people. People across the valley contact the Alim-on-line to seek clarification and satisfactory answers to their problems.

Dawah through e-mail

The institute is getting regularly queries from various parts of the world through e-mail which are being answered swiftly. In this way the institute is connected to its students throughout the world.


This website is the Official Website of Darul Uloom Ilahiyah which is being upgraded frequently to make the areas of Dawah work manifold.


Come and join with us to learn and propagate the cause of Islam in its pristine purity.