Mufti Zubair Bayat

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Current Affairs: Tainted Earnings

At a time when Muslim names are stinking in corruption and scandals, it is time for serious reflection …
When a Muslim loses direction and purpose in life, then all he lives for is the short-lived enjoyment of this short life. When a Muslim lives just to own and drive an expensive car like a friend of his does, when he lives just to have a fabulous house like the neighbours have, when he lives just to jetset around the world like fellow businessmen, when he lives just to have fun, entertainment, enjoyment, leisure and pleasure like others do, then he is walking on a dangerous road.
He begins to makes 'Tawaaf' of material wealth … The day he begins to think in this way, the day these become important objects in his life, when he begins to makes 'Tawaaf' of these things, that come what may, he feels he must have these things no matter how, he MUST have it. From that day onwards, the lines separating Halaal and Haraam become blurred for him!